About This Blog

In All Directions was started in October 2015 intended as a travelogue for my time spent on working holiday in Australia. Though the stay in Australia didn’t last long, the blog continued. Gradually, it has morphed into an expansive collection of my thoughts, ideas, and reflectionsmy collective musings. Topics broached are broad and reflect my varied interests and experiences: from travel, culture, and recreation, to nature, place, and the outdoors. I do not claim to speak for my millennial generation; I only claim to be one voice among a diverse group of peers.

In All Directions is an experiment in understanding lifemy life in particular, but also transcending to truths about existence on a grander scale. I write to process my own thoughts, and much of my writing is flavored with introspection and personal reflection. Some of these writings I choose to share with others. The gift of sharing writing is that it can often say something that others couldn’t think or express themselves. My goals for this blog are to inform, educate, inspire, and challenge.


About The Author


Tyler (Ty) Bleeker is a dedicated outdoors enthusiast and classical naturalist. My academic training has been in the natural sciences and I am ever-intrigued at understanding the natural world around me. My awe at the diversity of life also includes the cultural sphere found on this planet, and I’m keen on learning more about it through travel. I’m a serious hobbyist and amateur professional; bicycling, rock collecting, and photography are a few of my many interests.

Learn more about me at my personal webpage: tylerbleeker.com

  1. Hi Tyler
    Jenny sent me a link to your blog. What a awesome fun trip it must have been for you. The kind of thing so many dream of, but fail to ever realize. I’m so sorry I was sick the night you came to our home, I would have enjoyed hearing about your adventures.
    I hope you liked the food – Jenny warned me that you were a picky eater when younger. Sorry you guys had to finish making dinner, but I was totally out of it. In fact, I was sick in bed until Thursday. Yuk!
    As you are Jenny’s cousin, that makes you family.
    Eh komo Mai – come inside, you are always welcome.


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