Fun with Time Lapse

I’ve been playing some tricks with time by capturing scenes with time-lapse photography. Here are some results to share after a few months of trial and error. Most scenes taken near Camp Widjiwagan outside of Ely, Minnesota.


My first time-lapse ever. Icebergs floating past Big Red Lighthouse, Holland Harbor, Michigan.


Sunrise and moving shadows, Burntside State Forest, Minnesota


Sunrise over Burntside Lake, Minnesota


Sunset and full moon rising over Burntside Lake, Minnesota


Rotating stars with fleeting glimpses of the Northern Lights


Starry and Cloudy Sky at Camp Widjiwagan


Sigurd Olson Center at Camp Widjiwagan


Hanging out around the campfire


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  1. These are marvelous Ty! I kept thinking that each one was my favorite after viewing, all were grand. I especially love the starry night skies, and the Northern Lights! What a neat and magnificent perspective. Thanks for developing and sharing 🙂 I hope they were as fun to make as they were to watch.

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  2. Stunning time lapse photo! This has piqued my couriosuty how this is done.
    Enjoy the journey God has blessed you with!


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