In All Directions

I’m a millennial, one of the generation of young people entering the realm of formal adulthood. Now in my mid-20’s, I find myself in a quarter life crisis. Having followed a common pathway in American life so far, I went to college and obtained not only a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s degree to boot. A world of uncertain opportunity lies ahead on the economic playing field, but the route and where to navigate next seems to be less and less clear.

I can picture myself as in this scene from the movie Fight Club:

“I’m a 30-year old boy” (actually I’m only 25), but the sentiment’s the same. I feel in between the world of free-spirited youthfulness and serious adulthood. With one foot in both domains, I learn how to make a life for myself as an independent adult, yet remain wary of falling into the rigidity of the conventional pattern just because I don’t know what else to do. “What now?” is the question I’m at, and “Get a job,” is an answer, but what that answer looks like is yet to be figured out. Never settling for the response of “I dunno,” I go about seeking after my passions in life so much more than getting a job for the sake of having a job.

The name I chose for my blog stems from an off-handed comment my parents made regarding my post-graduation future. As I was entering my final semester of graduate school, I was weighing many possible options of what I would like to do next: fruit picking in Australia, tending a lighthouse in Wisconsin, learning organic agriculture, and joining the Peace Corps being among the many possibilities I was considering. However, nowhere on that list could be found ‘get a conventional job and climb the career ladder’. Perhaps in a fit of exasperation, my parents said that I had no direction in life. But I knew it wasn’t true. Instead, I knew I was exploring In All Directions. This life is a gift and every crevice should be explored and experienced to the fullest, in whichever direction that may be.

And thus this blog was born as an experiment in itself to complement my first direction in exploration—a working holiday in Australia. As I write future posts, these will be musings from a millennial mind. This is not meant necessarily just for millennials, but for anyone with a desire to seek, explore, and learn about the world around them. Though the theme of this blog may be one of exploration of a different country, it’s just as much an exploration of self. It’s my personal experiment with understanding myself and my place in this world, but it’s also a journey to be shared with others. And thus, this blog seeks to be an online contemplation of whatever topics may be pertinent, informative, or thought-provoking.

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  1. Oh Ty! I’m so excited for you. A lovely first blog post. It’ll be great to follow along with you. Safe travels:)


  2. Ty, this is great! I’m glad that you are writing this and I’m looking forward to reading all of your musings. I very much appreciate the sentiment “In All Directions” – sounds like a great life philosophy to me. 🙂


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