And I Live in a Van…

Having left the luxuries of the big city and the comforts of a hostel bed, I have moved on into the Australian countryside in order to earn my pay to extend my stay. And I live in a van… (sorry, but it’s not down by the river).

The campervan culture is very conspicuous in rural Australia, as all the foreign workers (that is, the working holiday makers) flock to agricultural towns in anticipation of the fruitful harvest season.

I bought my van and have joined the ranks of itinerant fruit pickers. Just wanted to introduce everyone who is curious to my new digs.

This is Frank the campervan. He’s a 1997 Mitsubishi Starwagon. At that age, he’s developed quite a number of quirks, but the most important thing is that he’s reliable and a hard worker…sort of like me!

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Here’s a look at my gourmet kitchen. Built-in sink, mini fridge, lots of storage…


Here’s my grand banquet dining room and home office…

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Here’s the master bedroom. The table folds down and converts to a bed at night. Comfy.


And finally, here’s what I look like driving the van. Australian driving is a daily feat of pure determination!




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